the new me

Setelah sekian lamanya diriku menyepi.
Kali ini kembali unutk meneruskan misi bagi memeriahkan blog yang dah lama bersarang.
Haha. ^^,

I'm back for good, insyaAllah.
I'll tell, share, write up about my journey as a wife, as a daughter, as a patient, as a student and my life in this world once again. 
Just click the 'X' button if you don't like to read my story okay.
Not necessary to read my blog if you don't like it. 

So, let me introduce.
picture taken by senigrafi

my name is husna idris.
happy to announce that i'm a wife to ubaidullah.
very-very soon to be a mother.
daughter to mr. idris and mrs. sulaihah.
daughter-in-law to mr. ramlan and mrs. hajar.
i'm a arthritis patient. also known as psoriasis arthritis (i'll update my story later).
i'm a PhD student, in UTM Skudai, Malaysia.

so, good to know you dear reader. 
have a nice day okay. 

if you're a muslim,
keep reading the Quran, believe in Allah even though every day is TOUGH day ever in your life.
just be patient, istiqamah. 
insyaAllah, iana akan membuahkan hasil suatu hari nanti.


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